Megasquirt EFI Introduction

Megasquirt ECUs are a range of affordable aftermarket fuel injection and ignition control systems. They support a wide range of engines and have many race features built-in.

Entry level systems give excellent value for money and good live tuning ability. High end systems give the advanced user additional inputs/outputs and control features. For the DIY enthusiast, there are options to buy the ECU in kit-form and assemble it yourself. Other customers will prefer one of the fully assembled options. Your supplier can help you choose which option suits your requirements and budget.

Megasquirt-3 / Microsquirt / MS3-Pro

Megasquirt-3 / Microsquirt / MS3-Pro

UK Megasquirt resources

On this site you will find information about where to buy and perhaps a local tuner to help with your install.

Suppliers – find where you can buy a Megasquirt system in the UK

Tuning and rolling road dynos – find where you can get your Megasquirt system professionally tuned.

General Megasquirt resources

The global Megasquirt site for the latest information on products, documentation and forums is

Product information – learn about the full range of Megasquirt products available. (Megasquirt-1, Megasquirt-2, Megasquirt-3, MS1, MS2, MS3, Microsquirt, Microsquirt-module, MSPNP, MSPNP2, DIYPNP, MS3 Gold Box, MS3-Pro.)

Manuals – latest manuals for your product. Download the PDFs to read in the workshop.

Forums – ask pre-sales, support questions or suggest new ideas.


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