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The following are suppliers known to supply Megasquirt / Microsquirt products and services to the UK. Click on the sort and filter options to refine your search. You may wish to check the Megasquirt forums for seller feedback before purchasing.

Supplier location : WorldtickUK 
Products/services : All –   Megasquirt 1 –   Megasquirt 2 –   Megasquirt-3 –   Microsquirt –   EMS-Pro –   MS3-Pro –   MSPNP –   MSPNP2 –   Microsquirt Module –   MS3 Gold –   Rover V8 PnP –   MX5 PnP –   Wideband controllers –   Megasquirt kits –   Installation –   Tuning –   Customisation –   Custom looms –   Accessories –   EDIS components –   Custom firmware devel. –   Repairs / upgradestick–   Mail-order –   Shop counter

Jeff Waghorn sells complete kits or just MegaSquirt ECU’s. Also sale of parts and wiring associated with stand alone fuel injection systems and installations. Advice is free.

Products and services : Megasquirt 1 supplied  Megasquirt 2 supplied  Megasquirt-3 supplied  Microsquirt supplied  Rover V8 PnP supplied  Megasquirt kits supplied  Installation supplied  Custom looms supplied  EDIS components supplied  Repairs / upgrades supplied  Mail-order supplied  Shop counter not supplied  

Established: 2009      Regions supplied: UK

Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex UK

Philip Ringwood is the longest established seller dedicated to UK and European based sales of fully assembled and tested MegaSquirt ECU’s running the MS/Extra code. The ECU’s include a wiring harness, RS232 communication cable and the relevant software / drawings, etc.

Products and services : Megasquirt 1 supplied  Megasquirt 2 supplied  Megasquirt-3 supplied  MSPNP supplied  MSPNP2 supplied  Rover V8 PnP supplied  Megasquirt kits not supplied  Tuning supplied  Custom looms supplied  Repairs / upgrades supplied  Mail-order supplied  Shop counter not supplied  Shop counter not supplied  

Established: 2003      Regions supplied: UK/Europe

Norwich, Norfolk UK

James Murray

Experienced Megasquirt developer. Mostly focussing on development activities. Megasquirt ECU repairs undertaken.
For ECU sales, please contact ExtraEFI.

Products and services : Custom firmware devel. supplied  Repairs / upgrades supplied  

Established: 2003      Regions supplied: UK

Solihull, West Midlands UK
(+44) 0121 743 1622

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Products and services : Megasquirt 1 supplied  Megasquirt 2 supplied  Megasquirt-3 supplied  Microsquirt supplied  MS3-Pro supplied  MSPNP supplied  MSPNP2 supplied  Microsquirt Module supplied  MS3 Gold supplied  Rover V8 PnP supplied  Wideband controllers supplied  Megasquirt kits supplied  Installation supplied  Tuning supplied  Customisation supplied  Custom looms supplied  Accessories supplied  EDIS components supplied  Rolling road tuning supplied  Initial setup supplied  Advanced setup supplied  Race features supplied  Datalog analysis supplied  Email support supplied  Phone support supplied  Custom firmware devel. supplied  Repairs / upgrades supplied  Mail-order supplied  Shop counter supplied  

Established: 2015      Regions supplied: UK


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